Department of History and Archaeology


Director: Αssociate Prof. P. Petridis

Dep. Directors: Assistant Prof. Sp. Ploumidis

The Digital Teaching Lab of the Faculty of History and Archaeology serves the teaching needs of the Faculty staff. It consists of a server, a network of 12 PCs with internet access, a video and a 3D projector, a printer and a scanner. It is provisionally housed within the Museum and History of Art, on the second floor, and its use is therefore limited by the opening hours of the Museum (09:00-16:00).

It is used exclusively for the provision of services in teaching courses of the Department of History and Archeology of the University of Athens and courses in computer science.

The director of the workshop and his deputy are appointed for two years by the General Assembly of the Department of History and Archeology and are responsible for the observance of the Regulation and the smooth operation of the workshop.

The laboratory keeps a program book for use of equipment, portable and not, as well as a maintenance book.